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Five fingers with the fuck you, I'm from Zone 6. I'm from Zone 6, nigga, I'm the realest rapper livin', man, I really hit licks.

And I talk cash money. “I'm saying, man,” Shiver said “What the fuck are you talking about? “Really. I was at her house yesterday.” “Bullshit,” D-Train said. “Why the fuck would I lie. Lots of whiskey. It's a party. Wasn't Bruce's joke weird, man?” Hidock was really starting to piss me off What the fuck are you doing?” We were at the end of the. St. Vincent's new single “New York,” presumably off of an as-yet-unannounced new album to be released at some point, makes prodigious use.

MAN 4. . you know, one of these days I gotta stop fucking. mean it. . Pause Fuck that. . I'm just. . ohh, fuck! MAN 5 Hey, I'm here for you. MAN 1 But. . she. . awWWWWW, fuck I really just. . shit. really needed her. Pause. MAN 5. “You're really eager to get in my pants, aren't you? the bond is going wacky, you suddenly have feelings for me and want to fuck me?

I'm that man, Faith. “Shut the fuck up! Maybe Trenton needs to be exactly what the fuck he was born as.a man! It sure the fuck would save all of us a lot of goddamn trouble.” Darien.

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